3D Signs

We are among leading 3D manufacturers in Nairobi. New techniques are highly incorporated along the process of making this form of signs.

CNC & Laser Printing

Depending on the material, our laser cutter equipment can achieve a cutting thickness of up to an inch.


We do variety of engraving including, commissioning plagues, door plates, decorative items, on material such as alluco boards, plastics, MDF

Large Format

Looking for large format printing services? Clouds digital solutions has just the solution for you. We are a top printing company in Nairobi majoring in

UV Flatbed

With relatively new technology UV flatbed machine, we do UV cured flatbed printing on most common sign making materials.

Advertising Materials

We sell variety of materials i.e Perspects, Aluminium composite boards, Celuka boards, ABS, MDF, forex board, PVC banners, PVC Vinyl sticker,

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